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Super Stone Soup.

Published Tuesday, 14 May, 2013 by Audreaa

An amazing german soup!! (it doesnt actually have stones in it ) )



  • A big pot
  • big carrots
  • celery (optional)
  • small amount of onion
  • parsley and a tiny bit of cumin (optional)
  • 4-7 cups of water
  • noodles of any kind
  • (very very small) pieces of potato
  • remember to cut all veggies!!


First place the pot on the stove then pour in the water. Pour in the noodles. For 4-5 cups of water use half a box. For 6-7 cups then use the whole box. Then heat until the water has boiled completely. While you are waiting for it to boil cut your veggies.Once the water has boiled then pour in the veggies. Let your soup sit so the veggies will soften. Then put in spices.Once it is cooled down pour into bowls and enjoy! :)

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