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Stalker's Soup

Published Saturday, 15 April, 2017 by FD_Stalker

A soup for college, broke, or apocalypse life, ez to adjust / Serves: 1 / Nutritional info: Anything left in pot by boiling in 100C or 212F


  • Any meat -- ground or not
  • Any vegetable for soup
  • salt
  • pepper powder
  • optional--soup base powder
  • optional--Any cooking wine
  • optional--Ginger
  • The most important cooking pot


3 stages -- [Prepare], [Before boiling], [Post boiling].

[Prepare]: For college students, start from buying material at supermarket.

suggest ground meat for better taste and save cooking oil because meat would provide it;

suggest frozen chopped vegetable pack, easy to storage, not need to clean;

suggest soup base/powder, I'm using [Maggi] brand and they have small 1$ pack.

suggest ginger & any cooking alcohol for removing blood taste.

Go home and split meat into multiple small packs with cling warp or zipper bags for long term multiple uses.

[Before boiling]: Unfreeze your meat, by time or microwave. Clean it for last time(or not), get into pot. You could add anything ( required long time boiling) you want on this stage, meat & bone is one, dry material is one, ginger & cooking wine(or not), SOME salt and adjust later ( but it's whole pot of soup so you might need a lot than you think).

Everything above with water should take 50%~70% of the pot capacity.

Turn on your fire, close your lid, walk out & do your own thing until its boil.

[Post boiling]: When you realize your pot is boiling, open lid & decrease your fire. Remove floating residue(or not) and adjust soup taste with salt, depends on how much vegetable you want to add. Extend boiling for 5 to 15 mins to cook the meat. Then Add frozen vegetable directly from refrigerator, at this stage you can add anything (not required long time boiling) you want. Add pepper powder, and water if water didn't reach 88%-95% of pot, depends on how willing you are to clean your stove.

Increase fire, close lid, watch it until boil, open lid & decrease fire, extend boiling for 1 min.

DONE -- You can eat it with anything you have.

[Conclusion]: Mix your soup material in pot anytime if needed. This soup is very flexible and you can add oat, rice, ramen noodles if you failed to finish it within 1-2 days -- because you always add too much stuffs than water you are supposed to add, and you are lazy for cooking.