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Mince,onion And Potatoe

Published by jess

mince onion and potatoe



  • mince as much as you feel you need you can hav loads or just a bit
  • half a white onion (not red or spring)
  • potatoes
  • oil
  • 2 oxo cubes
  • gravy granules


heat a little bit of oil in a non stick pan/frying pan.

wash and cut your potatoes

place them in a pan and leave to boil

chop your onion up into little bits fry for a minute then add your mince and keep stirring til brown and no pink bits are left on the mince add some boiled water from kettle and stir in the 2 oxo cubes

then pour in your gravy granules and turn the heat down keep stirring so it doesnt stick when your potatoes are ready mash them then put them on plate then add your mince and onion then voila your meal is ready

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